Hi Jane,
Items have arrived !!!  Love
them all, no damage to
report...............I thank you
again for a great
transaction..................keep me
informed about
the acrylic lamps status.  I
also love floor lamps and
clocks.  I will continue to
monitor your fabulous
website too.
Catherine A

Thank you for visiting our
website. Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a
real live mortal that is
committed to looking after you
100%, whether you are
browsing our website or
purchasing from us.  I will
answer your emails quickly and
respond to any questions you
may have.  I also like
constructive criticism so if you
have any suggestions for
improvement to our website
please let us know.

Mid 20th century furnishings
and accessories is our thing
and we are still learning.  
Although we grew up with
these designs we are just now
appreciating their beauty and
realizing  the inherent place
they have  in the modern world.

We started out 8 years ago
selling antiques and even
went so far as to enrol in an
antique course.  About 1/4 of
the way through glossary
terms of acanthus and
claw-and-ball feet, I realized I
couldn't sell what I did not
like.  My love of mid-century
modern design as an art form
could no longer be denied.  
Unbeknown to me I was about
to embark on a learning
experience that was far
greater (and interesting) that
the antique world.  Might I add
that the majority of these
mid-century treasures will
soon be eligible to qualify as

We are situated just off the 401
in South Eastern Ontario,  a
pleasant drive to major cities
in the east, Ottawa/Montreal
and Toronto in the West.   
We will assist in making your
home more beautiful,
comfortable and more
livable...  at the lowest
possible cost.

We also throw the odd thing
on ebay so please check out
our auctions there as well by
clicking the icon

Hi Jane,
I have NEVER been sooooo thrilled
in my life!
The bracelet is flippin KILLER – I
The flatware is wonderful – had no
idea how mint it was ..
Anyway, thank you so much for the
speedy delivery and careful
packaging – and a big thank you the
items – well beyond my expectations
Dear Modern Abode,
I received the great
Stefani Cevoli lamp
yesterday!  I thought I
would let
you know that the lamp
arrived in superb
condition; I am delighted to
the least.  Thank you
sincerely for a wonderful
lamp that will be a joy to
Barbara H